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Feeling Stuck? How to Design the Perfect Family Dining Space for Entertaining and Everyday....

Feeling Stuck?  How to put your dining room together like a professional interior designerThis time of year, our clients start to think about entertaining for the holidays.  Often that is the perfect time to refresh the space.  

 Occasionally, clients will have family pieces that they want to keep and incorporate into the new version of their rooms.  Or, they just want to make a clean sweep, but are unsure of where to start.  Perhaps they have made some expensive mistakes in the past, and feel a bit paralyzed by the process.  This is the perfect time to get some professional help, to get "unstuck" and get your project from concept to completion.  So let's get started on this dining room!

 First, we ask a ba-zillion questions about how the space has and hasn’t been working for them, how they like to entertain, the size of their family and extended family, storage needs…….well, you get the idea…….

 Then, we find something that becomes a design springboard for the space.  Typically for our projects, that is a piece of artwork, or area rug - something that the client instantly reacts to.  In this space, it was this beautiful, wool area rug from Dash and Albert.  With a mulitude of colors, it became the perfect place to start.  

Dash and Albert Ripple Rug

After determining the type and size of entertaining you like to do, we can find the perfect table.  This client loves vintage and antique furniture and has those peppered though the rest of their home.  This dining table brought that feel to the dining room without the endless, exhausting search for the perfect, antique dining table.

Six Foot Plank Dining Table

A beautiful dining room may be the most amazing space in your home, but it will never be enjoyed if the dining chairs are uncomfortable.  These gray-washed beauties have a generous seat, and the backs have the perfect pitch for your family to want to sit-and-stay-awhile.  

Universal Hepplewhite chair
Typically, we chose to find chairs that don't "match" the dining table.  A dining area feels so much more interesting when the space feels like an evolution of your style and taste, and not something straight out of a catalog or right off of a furniture showroom floor.  This also keeps your space from feeling trendy.  We can tire very easily of trends, and they also have a way of feeling dated in a few years. Those are all things we want to avoid - your space should be one you enjoy for decades.  If space is tight in your dining area, or you have a bit of a tight traffic pattern when you have a full house, a storage bench can be a lifesaver in those instances.  The great thing about having this space incorporate a bit of storage, it can become the perfect spot for seasonal linens or anything that is difficult to store elsewhere.  
Red leather storage benchBy breaking up the seating pieces, we also have the opportunity to incorporate more color and texture.  Next, we need a place to spread out that buffet, right?  The great thing about having a generous sideboard in your dining room is having a generous spot to spread out a drinks buffet, a breakfast spread or your beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.  Added bonus is that by using your roomy sideboard for this, it takes everyone out of your busy kitchen space, just when you are trying to load the dishwasher and wipe down the countertops.  Because the dining table is "leggy", and all of the dining chairs are "leggy", it is nice that this piece has very short legs, so it doesn't feel like all of the furniture is going to get up and walk right out of the dining room.  Storage Sideboard
Typically, the wall your big storage piece is the longest wall in your dining area.  These long walls don't usually have lots of windows, so introducing a colorful, landscape painting on these types of walls gives the effect of a window right in the middle of your wall.  Landscape paintings have been popular for centuries because the subject matter has a perspective and a vanishing point that visually "extends" your view right into the painting and thought the wall, and creates depth in a room.  
Landscape Painting Nest Interior Design
This painting's color palette is particularly interesting as it layers teal blue, mossy greens and yellows and just a splash of warm red.  Such a gorgeous combination!  The traditional landscape subject matter is beautifully combined with a modern color palette to create an interesting push-pull of modern and traditional styling.  
Now, let's add some light - the magic ingredient in any designer's space.  In this room, there is a stunner of a modern light fixture, that is part sculpture, part chandelier.  Interesting from every angle, this light fixture will set just the right mood for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Just be sure to install this beauty on a dimmer for ultimate flexibility.  
Visual comfort chandelier
Sprinkling light sources around the room always adds depth and visually expands a room, so we added a pair of these amazing mid-century inspired, glossy red table lamps.  Pike Floor Lamp
Now we turn our attention to the other large surfaces in the room.  Walls are a huge element in any space.  In this room, we chose a blue and cream, woven grasscloth to add a dose of texture and turn down the formality in this room.  The classic combination of blue and cream adds a certain crispness to all of the wall surfaces.  
Blue and Cream wallpaper
 Instead of using the expected white or cream paint on the ceiling, a fresh, crisp green was ordered up.  This Benjamin Moore green absolutely activates the ceiling plane, and adds more visual interest to this new room.  
Hollingsworth Green HC-141
Then, where is the fun of having your friends and family over, if you don't have what you need to also properly set the table?  
Soft blues, spicy cinnamons and fresh greens all layer in for a table top that feels really special, and incredibly personal!
Crisp, Blue Dinner Plate
Highly-Textured, Bordallo Pinheiro Soup Bowl
Spatterware-Inspired Salad Plate
At Nest, we will make sure that every detail has been thought of for your new dining area.  Now, all you have to do is pull up a chair and enjoy!  What can we design for you?

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