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How Hiring a Designer Saves Time & Money: Because DIY Home Design Isn't for Everyone

If you love where you live, you know that every day feels a bit brighter. You're able to relax in your space and feel confident when hosting events or entertaining relatives. Your home feels like a retreat, not just a shelter.

...but we've seen this rosy concept take a sour turn. 

Imagine doing your own dental work, diagnosing your own illnesses (thanks, Dr. Google!), or renovating your own home. For some, this is ideal. They are skilled in those professions - or have ample time to learn those skills - and it only makes sense. For the rest of us, DIY'ing our lives doesn't always work out as planned.


We have worked with numerous clients who found us after traveling the DIY path, spending years on what what should have been an 8 week project, and second-guessing every design decision because it no longer felt cohesive as a whole.

Let me be real here: These are not happy people. They are tired. They are frustrated. They are short on budget and don't have a lot of progress to show for it.

If you want a beautiful home but don't want to go about it THAT way, keep reading.


We begin each renovation, addition, new build, or room makeover with the end in mind. This ensures that your project will follow a specific plan, keeping you, me, and the rest of the team on track. Not only does this level of detailed planning reduce stress on all fronts, but it also decreases the amount of time your project requires, results in regret-free design decisions, and happy (oh so happy) home dwellers.

As designers, we have great relationships with tradespeople, furniture and decor vendors, appliance sellers, and more - which means you don't have to hunt down and background check each subcontractor or research every product before buying. We do the research for you, create a cohesive plan, present it to you for your input, revise, and execute. Easy!



If you don't want to second-guess whether the shower tile works with the floor tile of your master bath... or you want to stop worrying about the paint color palettes of your home... or you just can't handle staring at any more fabric / flooring samples, you will love the benefits of hiring an interior designer.

From handling back ordered items and solving problems that arise during your project to managing the subcontractors and keeping everyone on track, we invest dozens (if not hundreds) of hours into your project so th

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