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Mural Magic - Iksel Creates their Own!

Growing up in the 1970s, we had a panoramic mural in the dining room of our rented home.  To my seven-year-old brain, it was the ultimate in sophistication and formality!  It was probably something very similar to this vintage, Thibaut "Memory Lane" mural.

Thibaut Vintage Memory Lane Mural

Now, murals are a bit more varied, but still sophisticated.  They inject a personal style into a space in a way that no other wall treatment can.  Iksel has triumphed in their new offerings and all pieces shown here can be obtained at, or

Murals force you to take in an entire space, leading your eye into all the corners.  

Murals can have a landscape or geometric nature, but they do an amazing job of keeping your eye moving throughout an entire space in a  way that a simple painting could never do.  

Some are Moroccan-inspired, or .....

Tropical in nature.... 

Whether they are used in a  small or large space, murals have a lushness that is a feast for the eyes.  

By extending your sight line through the space and into the mural's landscape, this one visually expands the bathroom beyond its four walls.

Moody and interesting, this mural adds a dramatic layer to this home office. 

With foliage and fresh colors, this dining area's mural wraps you in an imaginary forest of blooms.  

Wondering about murals and how to start with selecting and installing just the perfect one?  Our Nest team can help.  Click the little birdie below to get started.....

Let Nest Help You Get Started!

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