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Smoky Charcoal and Cinnamon: How to Layer Color and Texture into Your Home

Smoky Charcoal and Cinnamon: How to Layer Color and Texture into your home Ryan Fulton
Wallpaper as a simple graphic backdrop adds instant texture to a space.  If the majority of your home is painted drywall, a wallpapered room will feel like the inside of a jewel box.  A wallpapered space brings your personality into your home in a way that simple paint cannot.  
Zaniah Area Rug Nest Ryan Fulton
Zaniah Area Rug
The design of this den started with a smoky charcoal rug that has pops of saturated color that have enough intensity to stand up to the depth of the deep charcoal.  
Kali Wallpaper Nest Ryan Fulton
Kali Wallpaper
Because this den is primarily used in the evenings, we selected a spicy-toned wallpaper that would add instant warmth and coziness to the compact space.  The loose graphic has visual order to it, without being frenetic or dizzying.  
Values of the Lake Six Nest Ryan Fulton
Values of the Lake Six Painting
Small-scale, patterned wallpaper really creates the ultimate backdrop for abstracted and tonal paintings like these.  
Values of the Lake Fourteen Nest Ryan Fulton
Values of the Lake Fourteen Painting
In this den, we chose to use the pair of paintings over the large, comfortable sofa.
Benjamin Moore Caribbean Mist Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Caribbean Mist 2067-70
This soft blue is the perfect ceiling color in this cozy space.  There will be something lovely and interesting from every vantage point in the den.  Even as the client reclines on the uber-comfortable sofa during a movie marathon, the ceiling tone will become another layer of the design.
Benjamin Moore Frostine Ryan Fulton
Benjamin Moore Frostine AF-5
In a semigloss finish, Frostine perfectly complements doors, window and door casings, baseboards and crown moldings.
Looking to layer color, texture and paper into your home, but not sure where to start?  Your Nest team is here for you!   Book your own Discovery Call, right here:
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