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Subway Tile: A True Design Classic

Subway tile is a CLASSIC!  And, as one of the least-expensive tile options on the market, it can add a polished, finishing touch to any space without breaking the budget!

Glossy, subway tileWhy is subway tile so great?  Well, let’s talk about it......  
This simple, humble tile began its life as a durable, bright, low maintenance surface in mass-transit, subway terminals.  Hence the name..... And, if it can hold up there, I think it will DEFINITELY survive my kitchen's Tuesday night spaghetti sauce disaster.
Subway tile is an inexpensive tile product, but where the savings really pile up is on the installation labor.  Many subway tiles have a built-in spacer, so your favorite tile installer can breeze through the installation, keeping your budget in check.
Subway tile is great in residential applications AND commercial applications.  Looks just as great in coffee houses as it does behind your countertop coffee pot at home.  
Now that we have been talking about all the places you can use subway tile, we can start talking about your pattern choices!!   
Subway tile patterns
If you are uncertain about which pattern is right for your project, lay out a few tiles and have some fun playing with your pattern options.  
From shower enclosures, to backsplashes to busy coffee houses and the bustling New York subway, these simple, 3" x 6" tiles are always a good idea.  And, nothing is more classic than that......

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