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Your home should be a natural extension of you, so that is exactly where we start. We provide friendly, personal design services and the highest quality interior goods and furnishings. Together, we find beautiful solutions for your everyday life and the spaces you call home.


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Need a Floral "Fix" ? The Three Best Wallpapers For You!

Thinking about dipping your toe into the world of wallpaper?  Not sure how to start?  Well, the easy place is with our list of the three, best modern floral wallpapers out there, and why we think they are a perfect way to give you that floral “fix”….

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Best, Sculptural Ceiling Fans

Ever feel like every ceiling fan looks like every other ceiling fan?  After decades of helping clients find unique, personal solutions for their spaces, we have seen a lot of bad ceiling fans.  Did I say a lot?  I meant a LOT!  Ceiling fans are often an afterthought, but I think we should take advantage of this design opportunity!  Here is a list of our favorites, and why they will make a be the perfect finishing touch in your spaces. 

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