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Your home should be a natural extension of you, so that is exactly where we start. We provide friendly, personal design services and the highest quality interior goods and furnishings. Together, we find beautiful solutions for your everyday life and the spaces you call home.


From the Blog

Light It Up: Artwork and Picture Lights, a Match Made in Heaven!

When I was a young designer, I visited a home that had picture lights on paintings in each room.  Coming from a modest home, where we moved often and didn’t have any meaningful art to speak of, this really caught my eye.  It was absolutely magical, and the genius of it, from a design standpoint, was easy to understand.  When we light something, our attention is instantly drawn to it.  Artistic creations are often layered with colors, textures and graphic elements.  When we light those elements and draw attention to them, we instantly make them a bigger design “player” in the space.  

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Cozy Den for Working From Home

Working from home became the new norm for so many of us during the pandemic.  While we needed our spaces to suddenly pull double-duty, we didn't have much time to think about how the space looked or felt.  We just needed it to become a place we could work.  And fast.  Now, with so many of us working remotely on a more permanent basis, there is an opportunity to make sure our work-from-home spaces are functional and beautiful for the long term.  

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