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Your home should be a natural extension of you, so that is exactly where we start. We provide friendly, personal design services and the highest quality interior goods and furnishings. Together, we find beautiful solutions for your everyday life and the spaces you call home.


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Long, Narrow Family Room? Here Is How to Make the Most of Your Space!

Long and narrow family room .... do you have one?  Furniture layouts can be so challenging in this type of family room, right?  No matter what you do, you feel like you are leaving space unused, and no matter what you do the furniture layout still doesn't feel quite right... 

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Best Gorgeous Green Wallpapers for Your Home

Green occurs everywhere in nature, and makes the perfect soothing backdrop when layered into your home as wallpaper.  Shades of green are serene on their own, or the perfect partner for other colors.....

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