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Welcome to Nest Interior Design

It’s a wild and crowded world out there, but your home should be the place where everything makes sense.

We believe great design makes a space feel like it was made just for you. Our exclusive sampling of American-made furniture, lighting, and accessories is curated by our experienced team of interior designers with an eye for quality, style, and timeless proportions. Nest seeks out and manufactures products you’ll want—and be able—to keep in your home for generations.

We are driven by style and substance. Aesthetics and everyday living. Having endless choices is nice, but taking your pick from the choicest selection is better. When you’re inspired by beautiful, unusual things, you discover yourself, your style, and a better sense of home.

About Us

Founded in 2005 by interior designer Nicole Fulton, Nest creates design solutions for spaces all over the Midwest and for projects of every size. Visit our retail store, housed in a 140-year old historic building in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin—we’ll be so happy you stopped by.